• muzooka


Bringing artists, producers and music lovers together.

Muzooka is a great new streaming service that puts the focus on the little guys – unsigned artists. Being one of those guys myself, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to design their iPhone and Android apps.

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Step Sequence

Beep beep bloop.

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Step sequence is a little internal project we did that allows anyone to easily create a simple looping melody. Inspired by the minimalist design of step sequencer hardware in the audio world, this iPad version retains the charm of the originals.

  • setlist@2x


Easily find local shows by artists in your Rdio collection.

I use Rdio a lot. My lovely girlfriend and I were talking about what a pain it can be to easily find local shows one night, and the idea behind Setlist was born. With Setlist, you’re able to quickly see which artists you already listen to on Rdio are playing near you.

Featured on Uncrate, Swissmiss, Fox News, Beautifulpixels and TheNextWeb.

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  • nextstop@2x

Next Stop

Calgary Transit times without the hassle.

Next Stop was launched way back in 2010 as a way for Calgary Transit users to quickly find the next train or bus times on their iPhone. After we had to pry the data from the hands of Calgary Transit, they realized what an asset developers can be to the community and released their data to everyone. After 3 years in the app store, we’ve now retired her due to ongoing maintenance.

  • bluenile@2x

Blue Nile

Bling bling.

Blue Nile sells a ton of jewelery online. We helped them design a section within the app that allows their customers to quickly browse through the different type of jewellery they have available. Since its release in 2010, a $300,000 ring purchase has been made through the app.

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The Disconnect

Welcome to my home studio.

With a secondary education in audio engineering, I have a blast recording and mixing audio in my small little home studio. I started a little solo musical endeavour in 2009 called The Disconnect where I play, record and mix all the instruments on each track.