Psyched to try Takis®? You should be! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to make things easier.

Sooo many (and more to come!) Right now there are 3 types of snacks: Takis® Rolled Tortilla Chips, Takis® Waves™ crinkle-cut Potato Chips and Takis® Hot Nuts™ Coated Peanuts
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You can find Takis® at most major retailers and convenience stores across Canada

Nothin’ in life is free. Takis® aren’t 100% gluten free, but they're boring-free and bland-free.

You betcha! Fluorescent orange doesn’t grow on trees. Takis® are made from real corn and potatoes though. And they’re real intense!

Takis® may contain dairy. They also contain a volcanic eruption the size of Vesuvius or Krakatoa in every bite. That’s why there’s a heat meter on every pack.

Sorry, but they're not halal and/or kosher.

Nope. Sorry but the seasoning isn’t sold on its own. It’s top secret.


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